Whole Pastures
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Giving Nature Back to Your Horse.

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Mother Nature’s Herbs for Your Horse

Your horse’s health begins with eating a variety of quality herbs and plants. Sadly, many horses are nutrient deficient as a result of limited plant availability. Whether this is due to being stabled and fed single, or at best two or three species hay, or grazed in limited species pastures, horses are not getting a variety of beneficial nutrients.

Quite often, hay has been genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, or the ground has been treated with nitrogen fertilizer. This leaves us wondering if our hay is safe and nutritious.

Often we turn to nutrients containing synthetic vitamins and ground up minerals which do not compare to whole food sources

Whole Pastures provides an abundance of whole herbs and plants with nutrients that aids in the support of your horses health, is 100% natural and non-GMO.

The whole food micro nutrients in Whole Pastures are as Mother Nature intended, and are easily assimilated and utilized.

Natural Feed nutrients and herbs for Your Horse

Compensating for Insufficient Pastures