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Giving Nature Back to Your Horse

Natural Feed Nutrients for Your Horse

Mother Natures Nutrition

We at Whole Pastures have taken a lifelong interest in nutrition, both for ourselves and for our animal companions. Through ongoing education we have learned that a healthy a body can be supported with nutrients that Mother Nature intended. We know that vitamins created in the laboratory are not the same as vitamins from whole foods. For example, ascorbic acid is sold as vitamin C. However, ascorbic acid is only a small part of vitamin C, where as an Orange would provide vitamin C in its whole food state that would be balanced and the most effective. Mammals were designed to have whole nutrients not partial nutrients. The vitamins and minerals that we supply ourselves and our animals must come from whole foods.

People, nor horses, chew on iron ore to get iron. When we supplement ourselves or our animals with ground up minerals it can cause problems such as iron toxicity in the liver because the body cannot utilize that source of minerals. We at Whole Pastures believe a whole food diverse diet supplies the body with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Whole Pastures was created because our own horses did not have access to a diverse species pasture.

We researched herbs and plants that were safe and nutritious for horses, to provide them with diet diversity from whole foods just as nature intended. We believe that as caretakers we are obligated to provide a safe environment, kind treatment, and the best nutrition possible for our animals.

Natural Feed Nutrients for Your Horse

Diverse Whole Food Micronutrients